A specialized jStage.UIActor that fades into view, lingers, fades out of view, then self-disposes.



The two speed parameters in the constructor can be thought of as being functions of full opacity over time; that is, if a value of 0.5 is passed, this means that 0.5, or half, of the object's full opacity, or 1.0, will be faded per second. Essentially, higher is faster, lower is slower.

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UIPopupActor(base, width, height, fadeInSpeed, lingerTime, fadeOutSpeed)constructor


base:Another Actor upon which to 'base' this one (in the scene graph). A properly implemented jStage game will use a jStage.Stage as the base of the scene graph, so this parameter should not be null or undefined.

width:The width, in pixels, of this UIPopupActor.

height:The width, in pixels, of this UIPopupActor.

fadeInSpeed:The speed at which the UIPopupActor fades into view.

lingerTime:The time, in seconds, that the actor lingers between fully fading in and beginning to fade out.

fadeOutSpeed:The speed at which the UIPopupActor fades out of view.